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Shipping & Delivery

Contact Number
Our Customer Care Specialists are available at 016-7383679 (Everyday 9am~6pm)
Delivery State & Area  
Delivery service is currently available at selected state/area SUCH AS : Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Selangor, Johor & Kedah border.
Delivery Tracking 
Tracking number will be provided once your order item has been dispatched.
for tracking your shipping status.
Invoice Number is your tracking number, example 120001233456
Shipping & Handling method and Delivery times
Yardley Pastry appointed TaQBin as official courier service company.
TaQBin will collect order from Yardley Pastry daily, customers may receive the order at the next day. 
Yardley Pastry provides Normal, Chiller and Feezer delivery which depends on the types of product, may be contained two different ways for you to delivery if necessary.
TaQBin's Delivery Time Zone scheduled as - A: 08.00am-12.00pm    B: 12.00pm-03.00pm C: 03.00pm-06.00pm    D: 06.00pm-09.00pm. Kindly remark at "order postscript" while placing your order.
Yardley Pastry DOES NOT guarantee all order will be delivered on time, please kindly refer to TaQBin by using tracking number for late or fail delivery.